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Georgina is a member of the Swell UK marketing team and has been keeping tropical fish for a number of years now. Her favourite fish being the stunning, male Siamese Fighting Fish. She is also looking to expand her existing collection to include keeping saltwater fish as well. Her other pets include Bengal cat, Walter, and Labrador and Rottweiler cross, Presley.
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Ammonia and your fish tank – everything you need to know

While there are plenty of chemical balances that effect your aquarium water quality, Ammonia has to be near the top. At Swell UK, we see plenty of calls and queries about ammonia levels, and rightly so! Ammonia in your tank cannot be completely avoided, and needs to be regulated with filtration to avoid poisoning your fish, effecting pH and creating blooms of nasty looking algae.First and foremo...

Finding the perfect match: Tropical fish compatibility

crown tail betta fish

As Swell UK begins to retail more and more live fish stock of all shapes, sizes and colours, the question of what fish will cohabit with each other comes up more and more often. And of course it does! It’s an important question in terms of the health and wellbeing of your fish, as well as the money from your pocket, where getting a pairing wrong often means a costly mistake.Every time you c...

Getting your pond ready for winter

We get it, its going cold outside and perhaps the last thing you want to do if get your wellies on and prepare your pond for winter, but if you can brave the plummeting temperatures there is real value in a little winter preparation, something we see at Swell UK year in, year out.Seasonal changes in your pondAs Summer draws to a close and the weather starts to bite a little more, there are ple...

The best marine aquarium fish for beginners

The chances are, if you thinking about a marine aquarium you may have already had a freshwater tank before, and generally speaking, we recommend doing so to get you used to the general processes involved in indoor fish keeping before tackling a marine tank. But even then, some marine fish are better than others for beginners in salt water chemistry.At Swell UK, we give a lot of advice about sett...

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