Aquarium Advice

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All that glitters is not goldfish

If most people were to play a word association game, the word "goldfish" would usually be followed by the word "bowl."And let's face it, we all knew someone whose dad won them a goldfish at the fair by throwing a dart at a playing card, carried it home in a carrier bag and plonked it in a small round bowl on top of the telly. But in this more enlightened age, it's accepted that goldfish bowls...

Aquarium Gravel FAQs

Gravel and sand may seem like a simple subject but with so much variety of aquarium substrate, how do you know what you need? Here we answer some frequently asked questions.Should I clean gravel first?Although they are usually pre-washed, gravel can accumulate grit in transit as the grains rub together therefore it's best to rinse it before you put it in your tank or the water will go cl...

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