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Parrot fashion: the controversial cichlid

Parrot cichlids

Parrot cichlids are a controversial but somewhat popular hybrid with a strange beak-like mouth and a parrot shaped body.Parrot cichlids (no scientific name) are a hybrid that were bred in Taiwan in the 1980s. It is possible they were bred from a Midas cichlid and the red head cichlid.Some cichlid enthusiasts have called for their removal from the market and boycotted pet shops that sell th...

Keep your koi safe

Koi Carp in pond

Herons and cats may be well known pests for koi keepers but otters can also be an expensive predator.A couple in Norfolk recently lost 200 of their 250 koi and goldfish after an opporunistic otter struck. Alan and Linda Brown lost £10,000 worth of pond fish to the furry predator.Mr Brown told the BBC: "I couldn't believe an otter could do so much damage. We are both dismayed. We had hundr...

All that glitters is not goldfish

gold fish tank light bulb

If most people were to play a word association game, the word "goldfish" would usually be followed by the word "bowl."And let's face it, we all knew someone whose dad won them a goldfish at the fair by throwing a dart at a playing card, carried it home in a carrier bag and plonked it in a small round bowl on top of the telly.But in this more enlightened age, it's accepted that goldfish bow...

Limited edition Black Nexus koi filter

Garden pond

How would you like to own a special collector's edition of one of the top koi pond filters?There's only 50 in the world of the Evolution Aqua Nexus Eazy in the limited edition black series - and Swell has three of them.The serial numbers we have of the 210 model are 008, 010 and 011 and we also have one of the 310 series with the serial number 012.So for the true connoisseur of koi - g...

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