The Future of Fish Feeding

As with most aspects of life, the best nutrition for our pets is something we learn about constantly, and we are constantly aiming to improve all aspects of their husbandry, diet included. As each year passes and we gain more knowledge, the top brands are able to grow and develop to incorporate all this new information.

Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition is one of these companies, that has been able to completely alter the way they think about fish food, and as such it’s been made in a whole new way. They not only make a better food, but they are able to design the food in such a way that suits fish better, rather than our standard of way of making fish eat previously. Their range includes specific pellets for grazing, enrichment feeders, and also tailored diet for different types of fish, matching their requirements from the wild.

Vitalis, previously known as New Era, are proud of their high quality and sustainable sources. They produce everything in the UK, using a new technique to preserve the nutrients in them for longer, something that was previously lacking in standard flake foods, which on average lose a high proportion of their nutrients within 30 seconds or so of going into the water.

It’s often found that most flake foods put into a tank disintegrate fairly promptly in a tank, and if you’ve ever overfed and then tried to remove excess flake, you’ll have found it’s hard to catch all the small particles as they break apart. This all then builds up and adds to the nitrogen cycle, causing water quality to deteriorate rapidly. Vitalis food, flake and pellet, is manufactured with their “cold extrusion technique”, which means this is a much more stable food which won’t release the nutrients, which benefits everyone – less food wastage, better water quality, less tank maintenance!

Vitalis offers an extensive range of products, fulfilling Marine, Tropical, Coldwater, Koi and Enrichment, as well as a Public Aquarium range, designed big for large display species. Th2e Marine and Tropical ranges are the most extensive, with some more specific foods, such as Anemone Pellet and Soft Coral Food, as well as Rift Lake Cichlid Pellets and Freshwater Shrimp Pellets.

Marine Flake are the best-selling product, offering a highly digestible and balanced meal. It is recommended that this be fed in conjunction with the Algae Flakes, and also rotated with the Platinum Marine range, which ensures optimum health and conditioning by supporting the immune system and not over exposing the same nutrients in the foods over and over. By moving from one, Marine Flake, to the other, Platinum Flake, every 6 weeks or so, this ensures there isn’t a build of the same nutrients, which can become almost resistant over a prolonged period. This system, of standard Marine and then Platinum Marine is available in both flake and pellet form, as well as the Algae version also.

Vitalis Flakes are not only made in a new and unique way, ensuring they last longer and hold nutrients better, but they are processed in larger sheets, and are not broken down in the same way as standard brand flakes, instead preferring large pieces, that the customer can choose to flake down further if required, but is otherwise more suitable for larger species. This versatility makes a small, but important, difference can make a big difference to a larger species, such as tangs or triggers.

Their pel6let range is also unique, and can range from 1mm through to extra-large 15mm in their Public Aquarium range. These are highly palatable and digestible, and include their Plec Pellets, an 8mm chunky blend of algae which is ideal for bottom-dwelling catfish due to its soft sinking formation.

One of the best aspects of the Vitalis Range is their Grazer products, which act as a great enrichment product and allow for your fish to graze throughout the day in this long lasting and well-designed disc. This allows them to exhibit all their natural behaviours in the wild by snacking across the day. It also provides a fantastic show for you to watch, which as a fish keeper is the whole point! These easy to use pellets are just stuck against the glass using the provided suction cup, and means fish can go back and forth to them all day. They are also made in such a way that they also won’t break down and cause large waste, like other foods would do if left in a tank all day. These are available again in the Marine, Tropical and Coldwater Range.

Find our Vitalis Range here, complete with Marine, Tropical and Goldfish varieties. For more information, you can also check out the Vitalis site for full composition information.

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Fran is OATA certified and has been keeping and working with fish for more than 10 years. She has multiple tanks, including Marine fish-only and reef systems. Her main passion is in keeping nano systems, both freshwater and marines, and overcoming the challenges they bring.


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