Garden furniture fit for every season

Summer is well underway and few of us can remember the last time we had weather this glorious.

So if you’ve looking to increase the amount of time that you spend in your garden, now is the perfect opportunity to do so -what better way to unwind after work than by hosting a BBQ.

There are the obvious things to remember- BBQ, food and alcohol all go without saying, but rather than bringing out all the ’emergency’ chairs for your friends and relatives to sit on, it can be worth investing in some quality garden furniture that lasts all year round.

At Swell we stock Bridgman’s Wickerline furniture, a perfect addition for your garden. Although the weather is glorious now, it will inevitably return to its usual dreary, rainy self – but when it does, there is no need to worry about your furniture getting damaged.

There is also no need to lug the furniture indoors at the end of each day – wicker is a durable material and is able to withstand different weather conditions. These items can be left in the sun, rain, wind and snow for long lengths of time without becoming damaged or worn out.

Wickerline furniture pieces are also great because they don’t come with a costly price tag.

There are a range of styles and colours to choose from. Styles include Lincoln, Henley and Mayfair – different types of weave that can be mixed and matched with other furniture.

There are also a variety of sets to choose from. You can choose anything from standard sofa seats to modular sets which are enough to become the focal point of any garden.


The Wickerline Curved Nine Piece Modular Rattan Sofa Set is incredibly versatile and innovative and gives you the opportunity to inject a sense of style to your garden. The stools and coffee table can be moved and re-positioned and the set is the perfect thing for socializing with friends during evenings and weekends with a BBQ.

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