How to set up a floating pond plant kit

Floating plant baskets allow marginal plants to be placed in water of any depth and aren’t confined by the need for a marginal planting shelf. Here’s how to set up a complete kit that comes with basket, soil, gravel and even the live pond plants themselves. Follow these simple steps and you’ll have marginal plants in minutes!

1. Your floating plant kits contains pond soil, plants, gravel to dress the top and the floating basket itself.

2. Remove the packaging to reveal the soil, gravel and plants.

3. Remove the bags from inside the basket.

4.Pour all of the soil into the basket.

5. Remove the plants from the packaging. They’re wrapped in moss for protection.

6. Remove the moss from the tubers, revealing bare-rooted plants.

7. Push the plants into the soil, spacing them out so they have room to grow.

8. Pour the gravel onto the compost.

9. Spread the gravel out and your basket is ready to float on your pond or water feature.

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Jeremy Gay is an author, lifelong fishkeeper, and aquatic specialist. He's a former editor of Practical Fishkeeping Magazine, UK editor at Reefbuilders, a former aquatic store manager, and has collected fish in Sri Lanka and the Amazon. He's been on tv and radio, contributed to Koi Carp and Gardeners World magazines, been a product tester, a judge, and a product developer. Jeremy is here to guide and advise you on all things tropical, pond and marine, from set-up to stocking, health, feeding to breeding, as well as solving many common fishkeeping problems along the way.

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