Metal halides explained

To help you make an informed decision about whether metal halides are right for you, we’ve includes the positives and negatives of using this type of light unit, over other options such as LED light units or fluorescents.

Metal Halide light bulbs are especially popular in marine tanks for the exceptionally bright light they provide and their ability to penetrate deeper water. This is particularly beneficial for the growth of corals and also creates an attractive shimmering effect within the aquarium.

The down side to such a bright light source is that it can be dazzling when looked at directly and the bulbs require annual replacement to maintain optimum light levels.

Another by-product of such bright light is tendency of the bulbs to get very hot. As the bulbs continue to radiate heat it will affect the temperature of the water, this is an important factor consider when thinking about which kind of corals you intend to keep and may necessitate the need to use an aquarium chiller.

They are usually installed using suspension wire and are held suspended over the aquarium. As a result they are known for being bulky and require a certain amount of space to fit above the tank.

When considering this and the cost of the unit itself the price metal halides can be expensive, however the cost of the individual units can vary greatly, and the results are impressive, especially on larger, deeper aquariums.

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