Modern and unusual fish tanks

The aquarium hobby is continuing to advance at a rapid pace. One of the many great things about this is that there is an abundance of modern and unusual fish tanks available, complete with state of the art filtration and care systems that not only serve as the perfect dwelling for your fish but also make a great, inspiration and relaxing addition to your home. Here’s the Swell UK team’s pick of some of the very best modern fish tanks.

red sea reefer 250

The Red Sea Reefer range

When you think of Red Sea Reefer, the first thing that comes to mind is big and beautiful! Rea Sea are specialists when it comes to marine life aquariums. The Red Sea Reefer range has been designed for beauty, functionality and prestige and can serve as a stunning focal point in any room.

Ranging in size from nano aquariums to 450 litre tanks, all Red Sea Reefer aquariums are available in high gloss, white or black and include a refined and modern design.

The tanks are perfectly equipped to house a serene and diverse marine reef, with current makers creating a beautiful movement that means you will be able to watch your corals sway in the undulating current.

biorb marine tank

The BiOrb 30 and 105 ranges

The BiOrb 30 and 105 ranges are certainly a little different. The BiOrb’s classic, diver’s helmet shape offers 360-degree views of your aquatic environment. The key difference is that whereas old-fashioned, glass bowl fish tanks struggle to adequately support the life of your fish, the BiOrb tanks enable them to thrive. This because they are packed with filtering substrate at the bottom, an air pump and filter system also working hard along the central column to ensure that your fish will flourish. The range is available in a range of colours and with specially made stands too.

The Fluval Chi range

fluval chi

Renowned aquarium manufactures Fluval say that their range of miniature fish tanks were inspired by the Chinese art of Feng Shui.

Tanks in the Fluval Chi range are available in small sizes from just 19 litres and are perfect for those looking to achieve a minimalist fish tank featuring a small shoal of freshwater fish.

With everything already built-in to handle filtration, you are left with a stunning tank that provides 360 degree views of your fish. Choose to decorate with just a little white gravel or pebbles and you will soon have a beautiful tank on your hands.

The AquaEl Nano Reef 30L

AquaEl Nano Reef white

While much of the AquaEL range is geared to simple yet versatile functionality, there is also a great deal of love in our office for the charming Nano Reef 30L aquarium. A great choice for those looking to keep a marine fish for the first time. The tank will provide a superb home for clownfish, or even a few shrimp swimming around a little coral. It is well-lit with LEDs and features all the marine-safe equipment that you will need to get going, perfect for creating a tiny slice of the ocean in your home.

The TMC Signature range

90cm TMC Signature White

We simply couldn’t go without mentioning the range of 60cm and 90cm aquariums from TMC’s Signature range. They embody simplicity at its finest, practically bare of features, they are agile yet minimalistic in design. The fact that they are open topped allows for custom lighting and you have the freedom to add the correct equipment to create either a tropical or marine environment. Versatility is the word!

Swell UK has always been proud to help provide the right equipment for some truly amazing aquariums. With the right tank you can create your very own truly stunning aquarium, just let your imagination lead the way!

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Georgina is a member of the Swell UK marketing team and has been keeping tropical fish for a number of years now. Her favourite fish being the stunning, male Siamese Fighting Fish. She is also looking to expand her existing collection to include keeping saltwater fish as well. Her other pets include Bengal cat, Walter, and Labrador and Rottweiler cross, Presley.

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