What to Plant in August

While there are of course seeds you can sow in your garden to germinate next year as well as ready flowered potted plants you can insert straight into your flowerbeds, there are still a few flowers and plants worth adding as seedling as late as august to give your garden a colour boost with the added satisfaction of having grown them yourself.

Flowering Plants

If you want a last-blast of colour springing from your garden through the last days of summer and into autumn, there are still a few flowering seeds you can pop into your soil that will give you results in a short period of time.

Try things like California Poppies to get a burst of sunset orange in your summer garden, complimented by English Marigolds which may continue to flower late into September.

If you need to top up your blue flowers, try Cornflower ‘Blue Diadem’ too, which comes into bloom as late as September too.

All of these plants require full sun and will need plenty of watering to tempt them out this late in the year.

Of course, sowing the seeds for most flowering plants in August is mostly considered to be a little late, and using ready grown and flowered plants tends to be the most effective solution to sprucing up your late-summer garden, but you may well have a little success and if not, the seeds will most likely just germinate in March or April, meaning next summer’s garden will be even nicer.


You are likely to have better luck with vegetables, especially with those winter-hardy varieties. Winter Hardyspring onions such as ‘White Lisbon’ and ‘Performer’ will do well after an August planting as they are incredibly fast growing.

Radishes are very quick to crop too, so planting a few of these should yield you a late summer salad along with your spring onions.

Of course, classic winter vegetables can be successfully planted. Turnips are a great one, yielding a few big examples in and around October, along with winter varieties of cabbage and summer/autumn cauliflowers.

Pond Plants

Once again, August isn’t the optimum time for planting, with not a huge amount of time before winter sets in, but some hardy pond plants are good to add now so that they lie dormant over the winter, blooming again in late spring like the little miracles that they are.

Try things like Hardy Water Lilies and Lotus flowers that will happily lie under the snow until it’s time to sprout afresh in March.

Planning ahead

Like with everything in the gardening and aquatics world, everything worth achieving is usually achieved only through forward planning, and if you are considering a garden overhaul in August then I’m afraid it looks like you missed this year’s chance to get everything done. But fear not, the obviously glorious thing about seasons is that they come around annually, and you can already begin thinking about what to plant next year to really bring your garden to life.

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