Seahorse move over, the sea unicorn is here!

The elusive sea unicorn has been spotted off the coast of Tasmania and unlike the seahorse it’s an extremely rare sight.

The Pyrostremma spinosum is a rare creature with a hollow cylindrical body made up of thousands of tiny creatures called zooids that feed on plankton.

The ‘unicorn of the sea’ can grow up to 30 metres long. The ‘horn’ is made up of the zooids which are just a few millimetres in size.

Rebecca Helm from Deep Sea News said it is a cross between the Borg in ‘Star Trek’ and a clone in ‘Star Wars.’

Helm said: ‘They’re giant, terrifying looking, and trolling through the depths of the ocean, waiting for you to swim in one end and get stuck. Maybe. But fortunately, in addition to being slow moving filter feeders, they’re also delicate and fluffy.’

Michael Baron from from Eaglehawk Dive Centre recorded a clip of the fascinating creature.

View his clip here:

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