Boyu External Canister Filter

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Boyu filters are super efficient, and a great way to provide excellent water quality for your aquarium fish. Coming in a choice of 6 sizes, there is the right size for your system, all at a great price too!


  • EF25 External Filter
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  • EF15 External Filter
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  • EF10 External Filter
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  • EF20 External Filter
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  • EF35 External Filter
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  • EF45 External Filter
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Product Information

This External Canister filter is highly efficient, with a large capacity canister.

The water inlet and outlet are both intergrated in the valve control, making this super easy for maintenance, running with a high quality pump, that is also quiet whilst running - a must have! The rubber feet on the bottom also help to reduce any noise vibrations as well, so can be placed inside aquarium cabinets easily.

These canisters are suitable for both marine or freshwater systems, and range from a 100l tank through to a 650l full system.

EF10 -- 300lph max flow, suitable for 100 - 300l tanks

EF15 -- 250lph max flow, suitable for 150 - 350l tanks

EF20 -- 400lph max flow, suitable for 200 - 400l tanks

EF25 -- 750lph max flow, suitable for 250 - 450l tanks

EF35 -- 950lph max flow, suitable for 350 - 550l tanks

EF45 -- 1100lph max flow, suitable for 450 - 650l tanks

Product Specification

Product Size Wattage Max LPH Tank Size
Boyu EF25 External Filter 290x290x387mm 22w 750l 250-450l
Boyu EF15 External Filter 223x223x354mm 13w 350l 150-350l
Boyu EF10 External Filter 223x223x304mm 11w 300l 100-300l
Boyu EF20 External Filter 223x223x404mm 15w 400l 200-400l
Boyu EF35 External Filter 290x290x445mm 24w 950l 350-550l
Boyu EF45 External Filter 290x290x503mm 26w 1100l 450-650l

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