Boyu GX4P External Pond Pumps

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A Dry or Wet pond pump used mainly with gravity filter systems, its quiet, robust and extremely cheap to run making it a must have pump for your pond. Extreamily good quality at an extreamly good price!


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Product Information

This pump is ideal to use in gravity fed systems for ponds. With its sleek, compact design it can easily be hidden out of site and with its quite running operation makes it almost undetectable. Boyu pride themselves on using only but the best quality materials and components making them extremely reliable, robust and cheap to run.

Each pump comes complete with a base plate so you can securely mount the pump down for stability. These pumps also can be used within the pond as the come with a strainer cage and a lifting handle so you are not tempted to pull the pump out of the pond with the wire which can lead to problems. The Boyu GX4P range of pumps must be installed below the water level, and thanks to the sturdy base unit this is simple and quick. Maintenance is extremely easy too, access to the pump chamber is easy and quick, and as the pump is external - no wet hands!

Key Features:

  • Flow Gradient Mode: In cycles the power, water head and water flow are changed from small to big.
  • Good for gardening water features.Regulation Mode: Multisage water flow adjusted by manual to match different demands.
  • Designed by DC frequency conversion technology, energy-efficient.
  • Six-pole three-phase motor drive .
  • Used the single-chip computer control: with various protection functions.
  • With the wear-resisting ceramics shaft and bushings, suitable for fresh water, sea water and amphibious use.

Product Max Flow Max Head Height Inlet & Outlet 1 x Hosetail Wattage Guarantee Dimensions Cable
GX4P 5,000lph 5000LPH 3.5m 25mm/32mm 25/32/38mm 40w 1 Year 185x122x152mm 10m
GX4P 10,000lph 10000LPH 5m 38mm 25/32/38mm 85w 1 Year 185x122x 52mm 10m
GX4P 15,000lph 15000LPH 6m 50mm 32/38/50mm 135w 1 Year 319x142x181mm 10m

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 18/11/2018 17:11pm
    Boyu GX4P 10,000lph Dry Pump
    Feefo Logo
    The pump is rather flimsy. The handle is loose. The stand cannot be fixed. But the pump works although I have not tried it outside thw water
  • Rating
    Date 14/10/2018 11:10am
    Boyu GX4P 5,000lph Dry Pump
    Feefo Logo
    Very good would use again
  • Rating
    Date 08/08/2018 12:08pm
    Boyu GX4P 5,000lph Dry Pump
    Feefo Logo
    Doing the job, only wish I'd found it earlier as I might have been able to save some of my fish
  • Rating
    Date 29/06/2018 15:06pm
    Boyu GX4P 10,000lph Dry Pump
    Feefo Logo
    Silent running and a good waterflow
  • Rating
    Date 30/10/2017 09:10am
    Boyu GX4P 5,000lph Dry Pump
    Feefo Logo
    Great service and pump seem to do what I require.