CaribSea A.R.M

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Caribsea A.R.M is a superb aquatic reactor media that features numerous chemical benefits for your tank, ensuring you get the best water quality possible.


  • A.R.M - 1 Gallon Coarse 3.8L
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Product Information

Complete and ready to use Caribsea A.R.M reactor media is prepared for action.

Containing calcium, carbonate and a variety of other beneficial elements, the media does not require pre-rinsing and has a huge surface area - almost double the size of similar products. It has almost 50 times more strontium than other brands too, making it the ideal product for both performance and quality.

A.R.M is low in phosphates and silica thanks to the exclusion of gastropod shells, so it won't add any unwanted elements. The product is 10-15mm in size which allows for the best carbon dioxide penetration, and the best results.

The media contains a high amount of Halimeda Incrassata, a pure aragonite that is used in laboratories.

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