CaribSea D-Chlor-It Max

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Make your tap water safe for use with aquariums with the Caribsea D-Chlor-It Max, converting your tap water to a more chlorine free, tank safe water.


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Product Information

Caribsea D-Chlor-It Max is the one stop water conditioner that turns your ordinary tap water into water that is safe for use in your aquarium.

Although ordinary tap water is perfectly safe for human consumption, aquarium water requires more rigorous purification. But with the Caribsea D-Chlor-It Max you can quickly and effectively condition your water.

This water conditioner neutralises a number of impurities within ordinary tap water, including chlorines and chloramines, as well as ammonia, heavy metals and copper.

If that wasn't enough, this water conditioner also replaces the slime coating and adds electrolytes to the water, while also boosting the alkalinity of the water and reducing the stress levels of the fish.

Key Features:

  • One stop water conditioner
  • Makes ordinary tap water aquarium safe
  • Neutralises a number of impurities, including chlorine and chloramines
  • Also neutralises ammonia, heavy metals and copper
  • Replaces the slime coating
  • Adds electrolytes while boosting alkilinity, and reducing fish stress

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