CaribSea PurpleUp

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Help your coral's grow without getting a nasty dose of green algae using Caribsea PurpleUp water treatment.


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Product Information

Caribsea PurpleUp employs a dual method to accelerate the growth of pink and purple coralline algae, without risk of encouraging the growth of algae.

This water treatment works by introducing both ionic calcium and the Caribsea Super Sea Calcium, a 10 micron aragonite powder, made from natural seawater. It also replenishes the levels of iodine in the aquarium, a substance which is regularly depleted through by the coral growth.

By introducing ionic calcium the dissolved calcium levels within the aquarium will immediately increase, thereby aiding the growth of corals. Caribsea PupleUp also contains Caribsea Super Sea Calcium, which has been derived from natural seawater and contains a 10 micron aragonite powder to target the growth of the live rock surface. This powder will quickly dissolve into the water to deliver calcium, strontium, magnesium and carbonate.

Dosage: Use 5ml per 227 litres / 50 gallons.

Key Features:

  • Contains ionic calcium, to immediately raise dissolved calcium levels
  • Contains additives derived from natural seawater
  • Replenishes constantly depleted iodine
  • Does not promote algae growth

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