CaribSea ReefCal

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Ensure your aquarium calcium levels are boosted in your marine coral tank with Caribsea ReefCal, designed to ensure your corals have the CA they need to develop beautifully.


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Product Information

Caribsea ReefCal is an ionic calcium solution designed to quickly replenish calcium levels within the aquarium, which can be quickly depleted by hard corals and other invertebrates.

This product should ideally be used with a reliable aquarium test kit to ensure ideal calcium levels are achieved.

Dosage: 5ml of treatment will raise calcium levels to 5ppm, for every 113.7 litres / 25 gallons of water. It is ideally used alongside a buffer.

Key Features:

  • Restores depleted calcium levels
  • Ideal to promote coral growth
  • Contains 5ppm for every 5ml of water treatment
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