CaribSea Refugium Mineral Mud 1 gallon

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Perfect for tropical aquatic plants, this CaribSea Refugium Mineral Mud 1 gallon helps provide a mineral rich environment for your aquatic life to develop in.


  • Mineral Mud - 1 Gallon
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Product Information

CaribSea's Mineral Mud is an unique blend of sediments that duplicate tropical fringing coastal mangrove environments, and is ideal for use in refugiums.

Mineral Mud is in a size range compatible with soft, burrowing infaunal, macro animal assemblages. Ideal for mud refugiums, seagrasses, macro algae's,and mangroves.

Mineral Mud provides a variety of trace elements, chelated trace elements, natural bio-available iodine, plus calcium, strontium, iron and free carbon. In addition, it contains live marine bacteria, to complete the tropical ecosystem.

Key Features:

  • Great for burrowing marine life
  • Duplicate natural coasting beds
  • Balance the levels within your aquarium with the right blend of minerals
  • Contains live bacteria

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