Cloverleaf Absolute + Aquarium Treatment 50g

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Cloverleaf Absolute+ Aquarium Treatments help keep your fish in prime condition, by eradicating Aquarium parasites like worms, flukes and lice.


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Product Information

Cloverleaf Absolute+ Aquarium Parasite is an advanced parasite treatment which maintains a healthy aquarium environment by controlling unwanted parasites and worms. It can be used on all ornamental fish and is effective against Skin Flukes, Gill Flukes, Internal Worms, Hexamita and White Spot. It will also help out with larger parasites such as Anchor Worm, Leeches and Fish Lice.

  • 50g is a sufficient amount to dose 1250 ltrs (275 gal).
  • Add 1g per 50 ltrs / 20g for 1000 ltrs.

Cloverleaf Absolute+ Wormer is an aquarium anti-worm medication used by veterinarians and professionals for protection against internal and external worms. With an added pH buffer, Absolute+ Wormer is effective against outbreaks of Skin Flukes, Gill Flukes, Internal Worms, Hexamita, Anchor Worm, Leeches and Fish Lice.

  • 50g treats 22,700 ltrs (5000 gal).

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