Cloverleaf Absolute cT Anti-Bacterial Treatment 110g

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Cloverleaf Absolute cT is a Anti-Bacterial treatment for bacterial infections in fresh water fish such as Body ulcers, Finrot and Systemic bacterial disease it will also aid the control of Aquatic pathogens.


  • Absolute cT Anti-Bacterial Treatment 110g
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Product Information

Absolute cT speeds recovery time and is safe with Koi and all other ornamental fish. It can also be used to sterilise nets and other Aquatic equipment. It is recommended to use Absolute Bio-Gel in the filter system when using Absolute cT to maintain a healthy level of beneficial bacteria and make sure a good level of saturated oxygen is present.

Absolute cT is added once a day for up to 4 days and should not be used in soft water as this can be very toxic, a level of pH should be at least 7 or higher with a general hardness of above 6dh. It is possible to treat water below the minimum levels by reducing the dosage by 75%, but care should be taken to monitor the fish being treated and the effectiveness of Absolute cT will also be reduced. Absolute cT should not be used with salt or temperatures of below 10ÂșC.

Dosage: 10g per 4546ltr (1000Gal) Once a day for up to 4 days.

110g for 4 treatments of 12,500ltr (2750Gal).

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