Cloverleaf Blanket Answer and Pre-Vent Blanketweed

Stop Blanketweed in its tracks and rid your pond of algae blooms

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  • Two highly effective Blanketweed treatments
  • A unique blend of minerals and enzymes
  • Removes Blanketweed then ensures it doesn’t return
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The ultimate one-two punch against Blanketweed, by using these treatments together you can ensure your pond is clear for years to come.

What are Blanket Answer and Pre-Vent Blanketweed?

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer and Cloverleaf Pre-Vent Blanketweed are treatments that are designed to protect pond fish and remove Blanketweed from your pond. By using both Cloverleaf products you can ensure that the entire surface of your pond is protected. When spread evenly and used correctly, you can expect to see a change in your pond within just a few hours.

What is Cloverleaf Blanket Answer?

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer is a mixture of unique natural bacteria and enzymes that are released into your pond to break down excess nutrients and organic waste material. It will succeed where many commercial bacteria cultures fail as minerals and enzymes in the treatment will help rebalance your pond, encouraging the bacteria to get to work.

What is Cloverleaf Pre-Vent Blanketweed?

Cloverleaf Pre-Vent Blanketweed is a follow-up treatment for once your pond is free of Blanketweed. The treatment maintains the chemical balance of your pond water with a unique formula of minerals and enzymes, ensuring you avoid another Blanketweed invasion.

What are the benefits of these treatments?

Both treatments are safe for use alongside pond fish and pond plants. They can be used with biological filtration systems and will even enhance their effectiveness with the included vitamins and minerals. In fact, pond fish, plants and biological filtration systems will all gain a boost when stubborn Blanketweed is shifted as pond saturated oxygen levels increase and they are given sufficient pond water that is clear and clean.

Why is Blanketweed a problem?

Blanketweed will cover the entire surface of your pond, give the water a mild cloudy appearance and reduce the oxygen saturation of the pond water. This will make it difficult for fish to breathe and remove nutrients for pond plants from the water. If left untreated, Blanketweed will take over your pond and make it uninhabitable for other pond life.

How do I use this treatment?

When using Cloverleaf Blanket Answer, use the enclosed scoop to measure out the suggested dosage of one scoop for every 285 litres. For optimum results, use in water temperature above ten degrees celsius, water temperature below this will result in the treatment being less effective. Blanket Answer is added to the pond by mixing with water in a watering can and pouring evenly over the pond surface. The water will initially take on a milky white appearance, but this will clear within a few days. Wash hands after use and store in dry conditions away from children

Once the Blanket Answer treatment is complete, use Pre-Vent Blanketweed in the same manner with a dosage of 10g for every 1207 litres or one use of the scoop provided for every 3632 litres. Use the treatment once every two or three weeks to prevent stubborn Blanketweed from returning and keep your pond balanced.



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