Cloverleaf Pond Heater with Thermo Control 1kw, 2kw

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Cloverleaf Pond Heater with Thermo Control will keep your pond at perfect temperature all year round, especially in those cold winter months. Available in two sizes to suit most ponds.


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Product Information

Cloverleaf Pond Heaters are available in two models, 1KW and 2KW. All fittings, threads and hose sizes are identical across both sizes, making them interchangeable.

These new models are compact and easy to use, they are supplied with couplings and hose tails to connect to either rigid 1.5" pipe or 3/4" to 1.5" semi rigid pipe. Temperature is controlled by adjusting a dial to the required temperature setting and a minimum water flow of 4000 lph is required to operate a safety flow switch, which in the event of the pump stopping shuts the heater off to prevent damage to the heater.

For maximum efficiency and to maintain an ambient temperature, the pond should be covered and insulated to help achieve and maintain the pond temperature. In cases of insufficient insulation more KW per gal/litre may be required depending on your desired water temperature.

Please Note: These heaters are designed to be pump fed and will not work on a gravity return.

ModelGuaranteeDimensionsWeightMax Pond SizeCable LengthMin. Flow Rate
Pond Heater 1KW1 YearL:23cm x W:18.5cm x H:18.5cm1.2kg4450 ltrs / 1000 gal1.5m4000 lph
Pond Heater 2KW1 YearL:23cm x W:18.5cm x H:18.5cm1.2kg9000 ltrs / 2000 gal1.5m4000 lph

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