Cloverleaf Professional Multi-Bay filter CL2

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Cloverleaf Professional Multi-Bay Filter CL2 is a fantastic investment, at an amazing discount price at Swell UK. CL2 filters can either be pump or gravity fed and have other additional attributes such as the incorporation of vortex bays and use of mechanical and biological bays.


  • Professional Multi-Bay Filter CL2
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Product Information

Cloverleaf Professional Multi-Bay Filter CL2 is well-constructed and compact. Few manufacturers in the world have put as much effort into designing a flexible and good value range of multi-bay filters suitable for the Koi pond as Cloverleaf.

Key features of the well constructed compact "CL" range are the options of being pump or gravity fed, whilst meanwhile being very easy to maintain.

The incorporation vortex bays and skilful use of mechanical and biological bays encompassing good water flows are further attributes that make the range a superb and sound investment. For very large ponds all filters can be happily installed as pairs - linked to separate pumps or bottom drains.

  • The 4 bay CL2 unit comprises of a first stage vortex bay.
  • Bay 2 is fitted with mechanical brushes.
  • Bay 3 is acts as a main biological stage with Japanese Matting.
  • And Bay 4 is serves as a final biological/mechanical stage using foam and aqua rock.

This unit is supplied with heavy duty lid, together with waste valves and pipes.

If this CL unit is coupled to a Cloverleaf Fluidised Bed, the end result offers a powerful punch for the many demanding pond keeper's who regard water quality a serious subject.

GuaranteeOutlet Pipe SizeInlet Pipe SizeMax Pond SizeMax Pond Size (with Koi)
990 x 990 x 760mm high1 Year82mm / 3in110mm / 4in22,500 ltr11,250 ltr

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    Date 10/09/2020 07:09am
    Cloverleaf Professional Multi-Bay Filter CL2
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    I couldn’t get this filter in time so I changed my order and the staff were fantastic.
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    Date 22/06/2017 17:06pm
    Cloverleaf Professional Multi-Bay Filter CL2
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    Easy to install seams to be working we'll so far.