Cloverleaf Professional Multi-Bay Filter CL3

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A larger pond filter, the Cloverleaf Professional Multi-Bay Filter CL3 uses vortex technology to help clear your pond better than ever, handling up to 33,750 litres!


  • Professional Multi-Bay Filter CL3
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Product Information

The Cloverleaf Professional Multi-Bay Filter CL3 has been designed to provide a powerful, efficient service in your pond. This large capacity filter is suitable for goldfish ponds up to 33,750 litres or Koi ponds up to 16,875 litres.

Koi especially can produce a large amount of waste which can quickly cause major water problems and lead to poor fish health. Using a strong, reliable multi chamber filter will provide amazing filtration and cut down on the maintenance required.

Using several consecutive chambers the CL3 filter contains several types of media to cleanse the water mechanically and biologically for the best results.

  • Chamber 1- First stage vortex bay creates a 'swirl' in the water which separates solid particles of debris.
  • Chamber 2- Mechanical brushes continue to remove particles of waste
  • Chamber 3- Japanese matting promotes the growth of bacteria that consumes pollutants and nutrients
  • Chamber 4- Filter foams and aqua rock provide bio-mechanical filtration before finally returning the now clean water to the pond

They can be pump or gravity fed and are incredibly easy to maintain. For very large ponds more than one unit can be used, but each must be powered by a separate pump or bottom drains.

Each unit comes complete with a heavy lid and full waste valves and pipes.

Key Features:

  • Huge capacity filter ideal for Koi ponds
  • Four chambers
  • Vortex feature
  • Includes: Mechanical brushes, Japanese matting, filter foams and biological media
  • Pipe inlet size 110mm (4") - Outlet 110mm (4").
  • Lid, waste valves and pipes included
  • One year guarantee

Product Specification

Product Outlet Pipe Size Size Guarantee Inlet Pipe Size Max Pond Size
Cloverleaf Professional Multi-Bay Filter CL3 110mm(4in) 1220x1220x860mm high 1year 110mm(4in) 16875ltr

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