Cloverleaf products

From highly effective pond filters, with mechanical and biological filtration stages to thoroughly clean the dirt and chemicals from your pond, to amazing treatments for things like Blanket Weed and green water, giving you pond the beauty and healthy boost it needs, especially during seasonal change where your filter may struggle to cope with the increase in ammonia levels or algae.

Be sure to take a look at Cloverleaf Blanket Answer too! Every summer, this is easily one of Swell UK’s biggest sellers, and not just because of our low prices, but because it gets results every year, quickly and safely clearing huge algae blooms from ponds all around the country.

Famed for their easy installation and use, Cloverleaf products really give you the best of both worlds, providing excellent and effective pond solutions, at prices that save you money – especially when purchased from Swell UK where these products are held in high regard with our enthusiastic staff.