D&D H2Ocean Pro+ LPS Food

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LPS corals and marine fish can be kept healthy with D&D H2Ocean Pro+ LPS Food, available from Swell UK at the best possible prices.


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Product Information

The H2Ocean Pro+ LPS is made especially for marine aquariums.

The food is ideal for LPS corals and marine fish. Made with a blend of soluble amino acids which will trigger a corals feeding process and also promote a healthy appetite in marine fish.

It includes a mix of spirulina algae, fish and fish derivatives, plus other sources of protein to create a nutritious food that will make your tank glow with health. The blend will boost strong colours and coral health, which will make the tank bloom.

You'll find that all of the food is easily digested, so that there is little waste. The food will not trap in filter media, so you can be confident that all of the nutrients go straight to the corals and fish.

Directions for use:

Mix one spoon with 200-400 litres of water. For better results mix the powder with a little aquarium water, mix and leave to rest for 5 minutes before adding to the water.

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