D&D H2Ocean Pro+ Reef Sticks

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Feed your fish and corals in your marine aquarium with H2Ocean Pro+ Reef Sticks, helping keep a better water balance as well as keep most fish fed and happy.


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Product Information

The H2Ocean Pro+ Reef Sticks are designed for both large and small fish and corals in a marine aquarium.

The soft sticks can be added whole to the aquarium or crumbled into the water to release a fine mist of particles which will absorbed by corals. With added proteins from spirulina and fish products, this rich food is ideal. 

The soft texture of the sticks are ideal for marine fish and shell fish too. The blend of amino acids has been balanced to trigger good feeding patterns and give a nourishing meal.

Corals will thrive on this food, with colours and vitality glowing with health.

Feeding Instructions:

Feed whole sticks, or crumble into the water for a coral food

Alternatively a paste can be made by covering a few sticks with water in a separate pot for 10-15 minutes. Drain off the water, (into the tank so as not to waste the food). A soft paste is formed, which can be applied to live rock and glass. 

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