D&D MagScraper Large

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Rid your tank walls of algae deposits using this D&D MagScraper Large, meaning you can clear your algae with ease without even getting your hands wet!


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Product Information

The D&D MagScraper is the ideal tool to rid your aquarium of troublesome algae.

This heavy duty tool removes a large strip of algae with every scrape, leaving a cleaner, healthier looking aquarium. A tough 316L stainless steel blade sits in a handy plastic case for easy use. It can be used on glass thicknesses of 10 to 16mm.

The stainless steel blade can be used in fresh or sea water, but if left for long periods in salt water, it will begin to rust. So it is recommended that the scraper is cleaned and stored safely until next needed.

Attach the inner 'scraper' side to the inside of the tank and the outer one to the outside. The force of the magnets will draw them together and then as you move the outer handle, the scraper will wipe away the algae easily.

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