D&D Phosphate Test Kit

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Test your reef aquarium for phosphate levels using a D&D Phosphate Test Kit, allowing you to take action before phosphate levels get too high, causing algae blooms!


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Product Information

Use this D&D Phosphate Test Kit to monitor the levels of phosphates in your reef aquarium.

A low level is important, as if it is too high, it can increase the risk of algae problems and inhibit calcification in corals and other calcareous organisms.

Used alongside the other test kits in the D&D range, this helpful test kit will make sure that your tank glows with health and is free of algae blooms.

Natural seawater has an average of 0.005ppm of phosphates, so D&D recommend that levels of around 0.1ppm in tanks containing stony corals. This highly sensitive test kit will determine the right amount and allow you to treat the water accordingly. The low to high range will be able to deal with the levels in your tank perfectly. 


  • High Range 0 - 5 ppm PO4
  • Low Range 0 - 0.82 ppm PO4
  • The kit includes a reference solution sufficient for 5 tests

Refills are available for this test kit

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