D&D Replacement RO 150 Membrane

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Like most aquatic equipment, RO unit membranes wear down, but this D&D Replacement RO 150 Membrane is affordably priced to extend the life of your RO unit.


  • Replacement RO Unit 150 Membrane 10"
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Product Information

D&D Replacement Membranes will prolong the life of your Reverse Osmosis unit.

The original membrane in your unit should last around 2 years, however this depends upon on the quality of water in your area. The more contaminants in the water shortens the life of the membrane.

These high quality thin film coverings can be used with any manufacturer's RO unit that takes a standard membrane.

This replacement membrane is designed to fit the 150 Gallon D&D RO unit.

Note that a matching flow restrictor must be used on the waste pipe specific to the membrane output.

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    D&D Replacement RO Unit 150 Membrane 10"
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    Good unit value for money