D&D RO Unit (75 US Gallon)

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Use this D&D RO Unit (75 US Gallon) to give your aquarium or small pond a better quality of water, free from impurities like chlorine and chloramines, perfect for aquatic life to thrive in.


  • Standard Full Size RO Unit 75 US Gallon per day
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Product Information

D&D's 75 Gallon RO Unit will filter 75 gallons or 340 litres of tap water per day, to provide your aquarium with the best quality water.

Mains water can add all kinds of chemical and pollutant to your aquarium. Phosphates, nitrites, chlorine and other contaminants are all in present in tap water and can easily cause a variety of problems in your tank. An RO or Reverse Osmosis unit will remove all of these from the water, which creates the best environment for your fish, plants and corals.

This unit can be used in both salt and fresh water aquariums and can be used for top ups as well as water changes. Full accessories and fittings are included to form a mains connection or simply fix to a garden pipe.

It comprises of two filter chambers and a membrane unit, which can be replaced. The chambers work together to ensure that the water is properly cleansed.

The three stage system:

  1. A 10.5" micron pre-filter strains all sediments and tiny particles from the tap water. This reduces the amount of the membrane, so it will last longer. It is recommended that this filter is changed every 6 weeks.
  1. To remove chlorine, a 10.5" block carbon filter next strains the water. Carbon is a much used media to remove taints and odours too, so you can be sure all minor residues are eradicated.
  1. The final stage of the unit contains the delicate membrane, which is made of several layers of film that act as a barrier to any remaining chemical contaminants in the water. A membrane generally lasts around two years, however this will depend upon the water quality in your area.

What's in the box?

  • RO unit including carbon and sediment filters and a sealed RO membrane.
  • 3 lengths of colour coded RO line.
  • Self-tapping mains tap.
  • Optional garden tap connector.
  • Waste saddle clamp.
  • Flow restrictor flush valve.

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