D&D products

At Swell UK, we've even used D&D equipment in our office, with a DC aquarium chiller running out 500L marine tank for years – often remarked on by our visitors. Because of this relationship with D&D products, we know them well and are happy to recommend them, especially for those tasks that would be incredibly difficult to achieve without D&D’s innovation.

From peristaltic dosing pumps to simple yet effective algae scrapers, D&D have some of the most useful specialised kit on the market, and not to forget one of their best sellers – their H2Ocean marine and reef salt – inspired by natural marine chemistry to be replicated in your own home marine tank.

We know that some of these products may seem a little complicated, so we ensure our staff know them well so you can take advantage of their training! Give them a call on 0161 351 4700 to pick their brains on this fantastic range, from reactors to chillers and more, all at the very best prices in the market.