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D&D Aqua-Pro Aquascaper 1200 Aquarium and Cabinet

A fantastic large cabinet and 297 litre aquarium combination

At a glance...
  • Incredible 297l aquarium and cabinet for large aquascapes
  • Features cut-outs for cables, foam base and removable hood
  • A range of colours available
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Large sizes may be delivered on a pallet for protection in transit.

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The Aqua-Pro Aquascaper range is specifically designed for Aquascaping, being both practical for layout and maintenance, as well as being beautifully crafted, to enhance any space.

All Aqua-Pro Aquascaper aquariums are made from the finest quality, Ultra Clear low iron glass and are perfectly polished. Every model is sealed with the strongest clear silicone, yet with a minimal visible bond at the edges to minimise distraction and all come with a protective foam mat pre-fitted to cushion the base.

Aquascaper aquariums come with a cabinet, available in 11 finishes and every cabinet comes with push open doors, soft close, triple adjustable hinges, with left and right cut-outs in order to accommodate cables and hoses.

The Aqua-Pro Aquascaper 1200 comes with a wooden cabinet frame as standard, but is available in aluminium if you would rather, just give us a call or drop us a message to arrange this instead. Ready for easy assembly, the aircraft grade frames are supplied with interchangeable cabinet panels that can be fitted in minutes. This means that you can change the colour of your cabinet at any point over the lifetime of your aquarium - you'll never need to buy another aquarium cabinet again.
Our innovative "eazyswap" cabinet panels are available in 11 finishes, and are ready to ship with your Aqua-Pro Reef, Aqua-Pro Aquascaper or Aqua-Pro Freshwater aquarium.


Aquarium dimensions Total volume  Glass thickness Cabinet height Number of doors
L:1200 x W:600 x H:450mm 297l 12mm Ultra Clear Glass 900mm 2
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