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D&D H2Ocean Pro+ SPS Food 66g

Rich in proteins, this SPS food is perfect for marine coral environments

At a glance...
  • Particle food created for SPS corals in reef tanks
  • Made from protein rich spirulina, fish and brine shrimp eggs
  • Added vitamins and minerals boost colours
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H2Ocean Pro+ SPS is a smaller particle food created especially for SPS corals in reef tanks.

It is made from protein rich spirulina, fish and fish products and decapsulated brine shrimp eggs which provides your aquarium with the most nutritious diet. Unique soluble amino acids trigger the corals feeding process for optimum effect.

Added vitamins and minerals will boost colours and overall vitality of corals and the life forms that feed from them. This unique food ensures that these delicate stony based corals receive everything that they need to thrive, in just the right amount.

The food is created to provide the right size food particles for your corals, so that you can be sure your tank is properly nourished for the most stunning results.

Feeding Instructions:

Mix one spoon with 200-400 litres of aquarium water, or mix the dose with just a little aquarium water, mix and add to the tank.

Feeding the correct particle sizes has been proven in tests to offer a much higher capture and retention rate compared to capture and rejection. The end result is that your corals will consume more food with less going to waste.

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