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D&D Replacement RO Unit 150 Membrane 10 inch

Keep your RO unit in top condition

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  • Replacement RO membrane for 150 Gallon D&D RO unit
  • Designed for easy installation and replacement
  • Built to last around 2 years at a time
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D&D Replacement Membranes will prolong the life of your Reverse Osmosis unit.

The original membrane in your unit should last around 2 years, however, this depends upon on the quality of water in your area. More contaminants in the water shorten the life of the membrane.

These high-quality thin-film coverings can be used with any manufacturer's RO unit that takes a standard membrane.

This replacement membrane is designed to fit the 150 Gallon D&D RO unit.

Note that a matching flow restrictor must be used on the waste pipe specific to the membrane output.

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