D&D RO Unit (150 US Gallon)

Use reverse osmosis to purify ordinary tap water

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  • RO unit including carbon and sediment filters
  • Large 150-gallon unit is ideal for bigger tanks
  • Purifies tap water into water that is free from chlorine
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D&D's 150 Gallon RO Unit is ideal to prepare the most beneficial, additive and toxin free water for your aquarium.

RO or reverse osmosis water basically means water that has has all of the heavy metals, chlorine, nitrites and phosphates removed, so it is perfect for adding to an aquarium. It can then be used to create salt water solutions or used simply in a freshwater tank. It's also ideal to use to top up following evaporation loss.

Tap water is full of the contaminants listed above, and if leached into your aquarium, they can cause various algae, water and fish health issues.

This large 150 gallon unit is ideal for bigger tanks. It includes all of the necessary connections to successfully cleanse the water of all pollutants. It has three chambers, all of which work together to fully remove all traces of any unwanted parameters in the water, and ensure that your aquarium has the cleanest water.

It works in 3 stages:

  1. A 10.5" micron pre-filter strains all sediments and tiny particles from the tap water. This reduces the amount of the membrane, so it will last longer. It is recommended that this filter is changed every 6 weeks.
  2. To remove chlorine, a 10.5" block carbon filter next strains the water. Carbon is a much used media to remove taints and odours too, so you can be sure all minor residues are eradicated.
  3. The final stage of the unit contains the delicate membrane, which is made of several layers of film that act as a barrier to any remaining chemical contaminants in the water. A membrane generally lasts around two years, however this will depend upon the water quality in your area.

This unit can be attached to a garden tap, or actually fitted to the mains for ease of use. Full instructions are included to make the process as simple as possible.

What's in the box?

  • RO unit including carbon and sediment filters and a sealed RO membrane.
  • 3 lengths of colour coded RO line.
  • Self-tapping mains tap.
  • Optional garden tap connector.
  • Waste saddle clamp.
  • Flow restrictor flush valve.
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