Deltec E-Flow pumps

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Special aquatic pumps driven by Sine-Wave technology, these Deltec E-flow pumps are silent, with a high but adjustable output. Great for aquariums!


  • E-Flow 10
    code: 24900000 Available (Usually delivered in 5 days)
  • E-Flow 12
    code: 24901000 Available (Usually delivered in 5 days)
  • E-Flow 16
    code: 24904000 Available (Usually delivered in 5 days)

Product Information

Deltec's E-flow range are pumps that can be electronically controlled and run almost silently.

The sine-wave driven pumps run quietly because of their brushless motors. The power consumption can be controlled via a wattage display on the included controller.

The pump can be installed inside or outside a sump. It has a high flow rate, which can be adjusted to suit your own fish tank.

There are three different models in the range and all have a control panel that allows them to be adjusted for output in seven stages right down to 20 watts.

Each model has an overload protection circuit and an auto shutdown in case the impeller becomes blocked. So the unit has a long life and requires little maintenance.

Product Volume
Max Head
Performance Selection Voltage Selection
Pump Dimensions
Controller Dimensions Weight
E-flow 10 9,000 l/hr 6m 80w 7 stages 230/240v 40mm 32mm 195mm x 132mm x 212mm 190mm x 215mm x 65mm 3.5kg
E-flow 12 11,400 l/hr 8m 130w 12 stages 230/240v 40mm 40mm 200mm x 135mm x 214mm 190mm x 215mm x 65mm 3.6kg
E-flow 16 14,000 l/hr 9m 180w 17 stages 230/240v 50mm 40mm 230mm x 135mm x 214mm 190mm x 215mm x 65mm 3.9kg

E-Flow Operating Instructions

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