Deltec MCE 600 Turbo

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This Deltec MCE 600 Turbo is for external use or inside your sump, efficiently removing excess proteins from your water for a better aquarium environment inside your aquarium.


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Product Information

The Deltec MCE600 (Uprated Model) is a great compact skimmer that can be attached to the outside aquarium or to a sump.

Suitable for fish tanks of up to 875 litres, this skimmer has taken the market by storm since it's introduction back in 2003. It uses its integral needle wheel to draw water from the aquarium, and generates air via the venturi at a rate of 400 litres per hour.

For added filtration and to fully utilise all space available, the MCE600 has a chamber that will hold media such as Rowa Phos or carbon in a media bag. There is an additional media box available as an optional extra.


  • L 260mm W 180mm H 500mm (normal position).
  • H 570mm (allowing for removal of the cup).
  • Height above lip of aquarium - normal position 230mm.
  • Width of body only external to tank 85mm.
  • Pipes extend by 95mm from skimmer body.


  • Normal Stocking 875 lts (192 UK gallons).
  • Heavy Stocking 563 lts (124 UK gallons).

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