Dennerle Nano Cube 20 Litre Aquarium

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Simplistic beauty is evident in the Dennerle Nano Cube 20 Litre Aquarium, perfect for a few shrimps. A great starter aquarium, it is small, versatile and affordable.


  • Nano Cube 20 Litre Aquarium
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Product Information

The Nano Cube range cater for the shrimp keeper who wants a fish tank with style. The seamless front corners allow for panoramic views and the open top creates a modern finish.

The 20 litre cube tank is ideal to set up a small yet beautiful shrimp and plant tank. There is plenty of room for all the necessary equpiment as well as a range of plants. The design and open top means you can have 360⁰ view of your creation.

If you would like to order a complete set up, we have the Dennerle Nano 20l Complete which has a filter, lamp, as well as a host of other accessories to create a stunning tank and save you money.

Dimentsions: 25cm x 25cm x 30cm


  • 20 Litre nano cube aquarium
  • Top cover glass
  • Base protection sheet
  • Black decorative foil background

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