Dennerle Nano Scaper’s Tank Aquarium

An outstanding panoramic 35 litre freshwater fish tank

At a glance...
  • 35 litre freshwater tank for small-scale aquascaping
  • Panoramic rounded front corners
  • Ideal for shrimp and small or juvenile fish
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What is a Dennerle Nano Scaper’s Tank?

The Dennerle Nano Scaper’s Tank is a fantastic 35-litre freshwater tank with rounded corners for panoramic viewing from every angle and a beautiful depth effect.

Key features:

  • 35-litre tank
  • Panoramic viewing
  • Great for aquascaping
  • Perfect for nano or juvenile fish
  • Can be used for shrimp
  • Large footprint for your unique environment

Why should I buy this tank?

This tank has been designed with aquascapers in mind. The added depth front to back in comparison to the height, along with the large footprint means there is plenty of room to add as much hardscape and plants as you desire to create a detailed and in-depth scape. The compact size of this tank means it can fit into almost any space, allowing anyone to keep their aquatic garden in their home without being restricted by size. A unique feature of this tank is it comes with a heat-insulating safety pad for that extra peace of mind.

What can I keep in this tank?

The Nano Scaper’s Tank is ideal for keeping either nano or juvenile freshwater fish such as Chili or Galaxy Rasbora, most kinds of shrimp and snails like Neocaridina and Nerites or this can even be used as a breeding tank. You can also use the tank for live plants and botanicals, to create a planted biotope for species such as Betta fish.

What is included with the tank?

There is no additional equipment included with this tank, to give you the ability to customise what you add. There is a lid included to prevent aquatic life from escaping, however, you will require suitable filtration if you wish to keep fish or shrimp, and possibly a heater depending on the species being kept.

Please note: no lighting or additional equipment is included with this tank. Images are for illustration purposes only provided by the manufacturer. 



Dimensions (L x W x H) 40cm x 32cm x 28cm
Glass Thickness 5mm
Volume 35l
Weight (when filled) 45kg
Freshwater? Yes
Marine? No
Filter? No
Heater? No
Light? No
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