Evolution Aqua ProPump

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This range of fantastic Sequence Pond Pumps are best sellers at Swell UK for their fantastic value, reliability and powerful performance - available at the best prices here at Swell UK, they can be augmented with a strainer basket to pump non-filtered water too!


  • eaProPump 16000
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Product Information

External pond pumps are great for larger ponds. EA ProPumps are very economical and powerful and run at a low wattage to save you both money and power.

With superbly high flow rates able to cope with the largest amounts of water, from 8,000 to 21000 litres per hour, these highly efficient pumps are reliable and durable. They can be used to direct water to filters, waterfalls and features.

If you are pumping non filtered water, a Strainer Basket is available to buy separately. Simply attach it to the inlet on the pump. It traps leaves and debris, stopping it from entering the pump and causing clogging and wear on the pump components. This extends the life of the unit and keeps your pond looking great for longer.

Every pump is fully marinised and has been manufactured for maximum reliability, efficiency and performance. Each pump features an adjustable wet end, meaning the 2" outlet can be placed in five different positions for easy connection to existing rigid pipework. The design of the adjustable wet end makes the pump very quiet during operation, and the Noryl impeller provides maximum strength and durability. eaProPump motors deliver optimum performance while still being very low on energy consumption.

Key Features:

  • Designed for maximum strength, durability and long life
  • Low energy consumption motor
  • Noryl impeller for reliable operation
  • Very quiet operating pump
  • Adjustable wet end
  • Salt water seal
  • IPX5 Rated
  • Threaded 2" inlet and outlets for easy connection to pipework
  • Drain down plugs
  • 2 Year Warranty (excludes seal and capacitor)

Product Max Flow Max Head Height Inlet & Outlet Dimensions Guarantee Wattage Cable
eaProPump 8000 9300 LPH 2.26m 2" 426mm x 225mm x 310mm 2 Years 96w 2m
eaProPump 10000 10200 LPH 2.41m 2" 426mm x 225mm x 310mm 2 Years 100w 2m
eaProPump 12000 11700 LPH 2.4m 2" 426mm x 225mm x 310mm 2 Years 105w 2m
eaProPump 16000 16900 LPH 4.69m 2" 426mm x 225mm x 310mm 2 Years 211w 2m
eaProPump 21000 21000 LPH 5.25m 2" 426mm x 225mm x 310mm 2 Years 251w 2m

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