Easy Life AlgExit

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Easy Life AlgExit is a safe and effective treatment for combating almost all types of algae, leaving your aquarium clear and fresh.


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Product Information

Algae is produced when there is an imbalance within your aquarium, such as from overfeeding fish, too many fish causing excessive waste, too much lighting or too many fertilising nutrients. Easy Life AlgExit provides a safe and effective treatment against algae build up, including beard algae, brush algae and filamentous algae, wiping them out from your aquarium.

This is a very economical product, and completely harmless to fish, shrimp, mollusc and plants, and you should see a difference within 4 weeks of starting treatment, though this will need to be dosed accurately for 4 weeks in a row. Just 10ml per 100l of aquarium water for four weeks is enough to eradicate algae from most systems, though this can be extended if needed.

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