Easy Life Fosfo

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Easy Life Fosfo is the simple way to top up your phosphorus levels in your tank should they fall too low - easily applied with quick effects.


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Product Information

Available in either 250ml or 500ml bottles, you can use Easy-Life Fosfo to easily compensate for phosphorus deficiencies in your aquarium water.

While high levels of Phosphorus in your water can be a bad thing, so can a drop in levels too, as Phosphorus is needed in your tank water as small amounts of it are needed by the organisms in your tank to live - it's one of the basic building blocks of life!

Too much of it can cause a lot of algae growth, but too little can be a problem too as it inhibits your live aquarium plants from thriving.

Phosphate levels are generally best kept low unless you are keeping a fish-free tank or one that is low stocked, in which case the phosphorus is going to be being produced in your fishes waste.

Regain a good phosphorus level with this Easy Life Fosfo, available at a brilliant price from Swell UK and ready to be despatched to you the same day when you order before 3pm weekdays!

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