Easy Life Root Sticks

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Easy Life Root Sticks provide optimal feeding directly to the roots of your aquarium plants, ensuring they can grow and flourish properly.


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Product Information

These Easy Life Root Stick come as a tub of 25 sticks, and can be fed directly to plant roots, with the compact clay sticks being placed directly into your substrate, where they will release nutrients gradually over a period of weeks to provide optimum fertilisation.

These are 55mm clay sticks that are very nutritious, with a high iron content. They have been designed to gradually release nutrients, and won't break apart within the water, or cause any cloudiness. Ideal for plants with a strong need for root nutrition, such as Cryptocoryne, Echinodorus or Lotus. For small plants, or a thin layer of substrate, these sticks can be broken to smaller pieces if needed.

Dosage is 1 root stick per 15cm2 of soil surface, and you just need to place the stick into the substrate layer.

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