Easy Life Voogle

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Voogle is the perfect addition to help protect fish, whilst avoiding antibotics, that can safely be used every week.


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Product Information

Easy Life Voogle is a very efficient and safe product that helps to increase the resistance to disease, and supports the natural healing process for your fish, whilst avoiding the use of antibiotics, reducing the chance of resistance build up.

The fish immune system goes up against some real tough situations, such as during transportation with dirty water and stress causing lots of problems. During periods of stress, the immune system is put to the test, with the mucous skin, gills and fins becoming more sensitive to diseases, including white spot and fungi. The weekly use of a Easy Life Voogle ensures that fish are protected in a natural way, and reduces the dangers from pathogens.

Voogle is safe to use with fish, shrimp, plants and with a biological filter, and has no effect on water parameters within the aquarium. It consisnts mostly of plant extracts, and supporting vitamins and minerals. This product will naturally break down within the aquarium, so no water changes are required after use.

To dose, it depends on the situation:

  • during maintenance, and for continuous protection of fish - 10ml per 100l every week
  • during transportation - 10ml per 40l during long distance transporting
  • for quarantining new fish - 10ml per 40l in a five-day treatment
  • when adding new fish to your aquarium - 10ml per 40l for the first 3 days.

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