Eden Aquarium Pumps

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One of the most affordable ranges of Aquarium Pumps on the market, these Eden Pumps are compact, powerful and run quietly, without using up an excess of power!


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Product Information

This great range of pumps from Eden are available in a variety of sizes from hobby use to large ponds and tanks. Take a look at the individual information on each pump to ascertain the right one for you...


  • Compact
  • Suitable for use in both fresh water and marine tanks
  • Quiet miniature motor
  • Low Voltage
  • Ideal for hobby use; small tanks; table top fountains
  • Three year guarantee


  • Suitable for use in both marine and fresh water aquariums.
  • Run quietly- thanks to integral shaft and impellor
  • Self-lubricating material, for long use and less maintenance.
  • Model 126- 20 watts; 400lph min-800lph max
  • Model 128- 25 watts; 600lph min- 1150lph max.
  • Three year guarantee


  • Suitable to use internally or externally
  • Great for both marine and fresh water
  • Flow control system
  • In built strainer system
  • Model 135- 31.5 watts; 300lph min -2000lph max
  • Model 140- 55 watts; 400lph min-2800lph max
  • Three year guarantee


  • Magnetic motors and advanced technology
  • Perfect for use in marine and freshwater tanks
  • 82 watt; 1000lph min - 5000lph max
  • Thermal protection
  • Ideal for external use in aquariums, ponds, fountains and industrial applications
  • Accessories included (1" and 3/4" adapters)
  • Flow control device
  • Three year guarantee

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