Eheim 16/22mm Power Diffuser

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Get higher oxygenation in your aquarium water using an Eheim 16/22mm Power Diffuser, ensuring your water always has oxygen in it for your fish.


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Product Information

An absolute must have for the oxygen loving fish owner, the Eheim 16/22mm Power Diffuser supplies a fresh oxygen supply diffused to where your tank needs it most. Perfect for sparsely planted aquariums, or for when cover or lighting systems cover the water's surface. This diffuser includes a user friendly pressure adjusting clamp, to provide real control over the amount of oxygen diffused into the water and is produced by Eheim to the highest standard of German engineering.


Brought to you by the industry leading name Eheim, the Eheim 16/22mm Power Diffuser is a firm favourite for keeping your aquarium tanks well oxygenated. With the handy pressure adjusting clamp attached you can easily control exactly how much oxygen is being dispersed into your tank.

Installation couldn't be easier. Simply attach the inlet hose and diffuser to the side of your tank, with the diffuser with the inlet hose out of the water and the diffuser submerged. This will allow a steady stream of oxygen to be diffused, to benefit your oxygen loving fish. Particularly useful for sparsely planted aquariums, or when a cover or lighting system is in the way.

The diffuser works by pumping the oxygen underneath the water and is powered by the pressure of the filter pump attached by a 16/22mm pipe at the side of the diffuser. Simple.

At a glance:

  • Supplies fresh air diffused into all parts of the tank
  • Easily installed
  • Ideal for sparsely planted aquariums
  • For use with a 16/22mm hose for connection with a filter pump
  • Provided by industry leading manufacturer Eheim
  • User friendly pressure adjusting clamp to adjust amount of oxygen intake

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    Eheim 16/22mm Power Diffuser
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    Eheim 16/22mm Power Diffuser
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    Eheim 16/22mm Power Diffuser
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    Very good product and fast delivery