Eheim 2171 Professionel 3 250T External Filter

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The Eheim Professionel 2171 filter comes with a high quality, integrated heater (integrated heating system - IHS) and an easy to read digital temperature control. This unit is powerful and extremely quiet compared to most external filters and energy efficient. It is designed for aquariums up to 250 Litres

Product Information

The Eheim 2171 Professionel 3 250T External Thermo Filter is for aquariums up to 250 Litres, with its unique motor system it simultaneously cleans, circulates and maintains temperature precisely - in one device.

This powerful and quiet running Eheim external canister filter not only features the benefits and technical extras of the proven professional 3 but is also equipped with a high quality, integrated 210w Heater.

With an Eheim thermofilter you can forget about the need for a separate heater in the aquarium - an ingenious innovation: the water is sucked in, filtered, at the same time heated and flows back into the aquarium at the correct temperature. EHEIM has once again pioneered a revolutionary idea and transformed it into the perfect technical reality - the only company to offer you an external filter with integrated heating system (IHS).

At a glance:

  • Comes with a precise LCD display that indicates accurate temperature readings.
  • With a push of a button, the requested temperature can be set easily and precisely.
  • The integrated temperature sensor ensures an exact setting from 18°C - 34°C.
  • Integrated self-priming for quick and easy cleaning of the mechanical debris
  • Large safety clips for air-tight closure between the pump head and the canister.
  • Complete and ready to use with the original Eheim filter media.


  • Aquarium Size: 120 Litres - 250 Litres (26 gal - 55 gal)
  • Pump is only 12w
  • Heater is only 210w
  • Max pumping height is 1.5m
  • Size: 398mm x 238mm x 244mm
  • 16/22mm inlet and outlet
  • 950 LPH
  • 3 Year Guarantee
  • Please note - only suitable for fresh water.

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