Eheim Aquastar 63 Marine

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Eheim AquaStar 63 is available in either Black or White, and comes as a complete Marine set up, with everthing you need to start your Marine fish keeping hobby. It can be hard at the start to work out everything you need, so this ready to go kit is perfect for beginners.


  • Aquastar 63 Marine - Black
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  • Aquastar 63 Marine - White
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Product Information

Running a marine aquarium for the first time can be difficult and confusing so Eheim have put together a small starter kit for beginners, everything you need is included with instructions on how to set it all up and an all-round carefree package so you know how to maintain every part. The Aquastar 63 comes with LED lighting, filter, air pump and skimmer - just add substrate and rock work!

The Eheim Aquastar marine is a 63L aquarium, ideal for beginners and perfect to house two small clown fish, or similar small species. It includes a modern flat design for the lid, which matches the colour of the bottom surround, and is available in black or white. The Eheim 12w Hybrid LED strips ensure optimum lighting for any starter corals, and all electricals, including Eheim filter and skimmer, are included.

Included with the Aquarium:

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting (2x 12w) with low power consumption.
  • Eheim Skim Marine 100 Protein Skimmer
  • Eheim Air Pump 100
  • Internal Filter Eheim miniUP
  • Eheim streamON 3500
ProductTank SizeDimensionsGuarantee
Aquastar6363 Litres60x30x35cm2 years

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