Eheim Automatic Feeding Unit - Twin

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For aquarium life with a big appetite, use an Eheim Automatic Feeding Unit - Twin while you are away to ensure they are well fed as if you were still there to do it yourself.


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Product Information

The Eheim Automatic Feeding Twin Unit makes it easy to feed your fish even when you are away.

Easy to set and control the unit can hold multiple foods so that many types of fish can be fed at once. Each compartment can hold up to 80ml of food, so a total of 160ml.

Each chamber can be programmed to dispense food individually and even has a 'random feed' function for a more natural feeding schedule.

The large display screen gives all of the information you need. Simple buttons underneath allow for quick and easy directions.

Key Features:

  • Twin feeding chambers
  • Aerated chamber keeps food fresh
  • Can hold multiple types of food
  • Batteries included
  • 3 year guarantee

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