Eheim Professional 3e 2178

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The Eheim Professional 3e was the world's first electronic filter and can even be connected to your computer. It is designed for freshwater aquariums between 300 and 600 Litres.


  • Professional 3e 2178
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Product Information

The Eheim Professional 3e 2178 is an electronic filter designed for freshwater aquariums between 300 and 600 Litres. It is packed with features that make it the ideal filter for a busy tropical tank.

The Eheim 2178 external thermo filter is not only equipped with the full range of features of the professional filter range, but also with a high quality heating element. It has a touch pad interface for electronic microprocessor control.

The integrated hose adaptor with shut-off tap makes it easy and safe to disconnect the hoses from the filter, without water flow out. The Eheim's ceramic shaft and housing means the unit runs very quietly and smoothly, so causes little noise disturbance and a long service life.

The pre-filter collects large waste particles before they enter the body of the filter and is easy to access for cleaning, keeping the water cleaner for longer and increasing time between maintenance intervals. The 3e 2178 comes complete with media to fully cleanse the water as it passes through.

At the touch of a button you can increase or decrease the output to the optimum level for your aquarium and the fish inside. You can set up two different flow rates within a day - like a day/night effect. The filter monitors its own performance constantly. Irregularities are detected and shown in the LED display. At the same time a programme mode starts, which automatically attempts to solve the problem.

Setting and updating of your filter on your PC.
With the optional USB converter the Eheim can be connected to a computer via a USB interface. The functions can be conveniently controlled and monitored using the free Eheim software.

Key Features:

  • Thermo filter with integrated heating element
  • Temperature can be set in the range of 18°C to 34°C
  • With USB interface for setting and monitoring via computer are possible
  • For use in freshwater only
  • Complete with accessories, filter foam pads, hose, pipes, suction cups, inlet strainer
  • Recommended filter media: EHEIM Media Set for professionel 3e


  • For aquariums from 300 up to 600 Litres
  • Pump output max. 1850 l/h electronically adjustable
  • Min. Pump output: 400 l/h
  • Pump head 2,6 m
  • Canister volume 14,5 litres
  • Filter volume: 8 litres + 0,6 liter (Prefilter)
  • Power consumption 10-35 W
  • Hose connection 16/22 mm
  • Dimensions (width x depth x hight) 264 x 264 x 534 mm
  • 3 year guarantee

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